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FailPoints provides an affordable method of monitoring critically connected Internet devices and locations, whether you have one location or thousands. FailPoints agents track the details existing monitoring tools may miss, confirming Internet-related problems and connectivity issues quickly.

FailPoints shows events in near-real-time, logging issues and sending alerts to system admins for critical failures. Reports show where, when, how many locations were involved, which provider/s and much more.

Just two inches square, the FailPoints agent fits in tight spots and runs 24/7, checking to see if your service connections are reliable and reporting when they aren't. Plug-and-play, no large budgets required, it goes anywhere you need to monitor reliability: equipment rooms, remote networks, customer premises, field sensing devices and countless other locations.

Each FailPoints device monitors connectivity, low bandwidth issues and can even track environmental changes with an optional sensor. Set alerts to notify admins when an incident occurs. A history of alerts and what was done to resolve them is logged. In addition, FailPoints agents allow admins secure, encrypted remote access without opening firewall ports to configure routers, phone systems, anything with a web interface.

The agent only requires a free DHCP-enabled Ethernet port and 5V/1amp USB power to run. Nothing else to install--a huge solution packed into a tiny IoT device.

Need support or have questions? Email us by clicking the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page or by phone at 480-900-8025. You can also post your questions in this forum. FailPoints is a service offered by Echo Networks. Please check our web site for more information at If you'd like to try out the free version of FailPoints, visit to download our software-only free monitoring service.