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Internet connection being bad? Let tell you when, where, with whom the problems are. Install an agent and get the FACTS!
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Troubleshoot those frustrating Internet problems! is a free service for anyone that wants to find and fix Internet issues, especially ongoing problems.
Use it to solve issues or use it just to keep an eye on your services, it's up to you.

Ranked third most useful Internet monitoring tool by comparitech ... onitoring/

Are Internet problems in your local network, with your Internet provider or beyond? Don’t waste countless hours, let show you the facts.

Shows issues with YOUR Internet connection AND neighborhood.
Gives you hard FACTS on what’s REALLY happening, reported or not.

Easily, Quickly, Diagnose Internet Problems - It's FREE

Map shows others in your neighborhood experiencing similar problems
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One Tool Does It All
Outages.IO helps you monitor your Internet service from your perspective, something outage sites and speed testing can’t do. When you are experiencing issues, sometimes it’s hard to convince your provider a problem exists if you don’t have proof to show them. Or, by the time you get through to tech support, your connection returns to normal.

When you install the free software, your dashboard shows you when, where and who is having the connection issue. Is the problem in your building, with your provider or is it their upstream provider? lets you see what’s going on now and historically. Your dashboard reports the last 50 events your connection has experienced. You can even enable instant notifications to alert you to potential outages or other problems. is about empowering consumers to see an otherwise invisible service. Use it to find problems or simply because you are curious. Best of all, is free, easy to learn and use for non-technical consumers, yet includes a lot of details for those interested in digging deeper.

We need your feedback shows what is going on in plain language yet also gives plenty of information for the technical type that wants to know more.
With your feedback and input, our mission is to make as easy to use as possible.

Try it now! Create your free account on
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Are the issues in your local network, with your Internet provider or beyond?
Save countless hours by letting help you find Internet connection problems.

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